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About Happy Fish

HappyFish Restaurant;

It is a fish restaurant that has transformed the warmth, sincerity and passionate texture of the Aegean into flavor in its kitchen, adopting a healthy and high quality service concept, away from noise, in the most beautiful place of Bodrum, with an intimate atmosphere. While you feel yourself in a different ambiance in the fantastic ambiance, we will ensure that you have a pleasant time with our rich menu and professional staff.
Fish from our rich variety of Aegean sea in our kitchen, delicious herbs, plants, vegetables from Aegean mountains and fertile fields. Appetizers and olive oil dishes selected from Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean, desserts developed by adding modernity to the traditional style of Turkish cuisine culture with professional chefs and much more are waiting for you.
If you want to taste our ethnic cuisine culture and add a delicious and enjoyable experience to your beautiful stories in Bodrum, you should definitely visit the HappyFish Family ..

You will be able to forget the experiences of all the fish restaurants you have experienced with us and be privileged to feel special, safe and like a part of our family.
With Joy, Health, Taste ..
HappyFish Bodrum

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